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Specialists in
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Helping individuals and companies to achieve greater success and fulfilment in their life and work & maximise the potential of the digital media revolution

We Help You Develop Your Future

At Geeky Group we pride ourselves on delivering expert knowledge and advice built through decades of real world experience.

Our Courses

Geeky Group was founded back in 2003 and aimed at helping companies and individuals to achieve greater success and fulfilment in their work. This is delivered through a range of Business Development support services including Geeky Media (Video & Audio content, Planning, Recording, Distribution & Promotion services) Geeky Learning (Training and Event Speaking services) and Geeky Mentors (Mentoring, Coaching and Consultancy services).

Geeky Clients:


What People Say About Us

We always love hearing from our clients who have used our services and courses. Here are a few examples.

Sue Denver

Phil is one of the most productive and efficient business coaches I have met. He is a level headed and lovely person, Phil has a large network of contacts, a high level of product knowledge and one of his greatest skills is bringing people together especially his Friday Live sessions and his Passions Project. Thanks for being an asset to our coach team Phil.

Sue Denver

Winning Pitch
Simon King

We invited Geeky Group to present at one of our Business Week events. The content and delivery style of the speech on the Digital Media Revolution was exceptional culminating in excellent feedback from the attendees. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any business event.

Simon King

Yorkshire Bank

We Help Your Business To Grow

We help our clients maximise the potential of the multimedia revolution & improve the way they use video and audio content to communicate more effectively


Learn how to become a professional video and audio podcaster or livestreamer with our unique and exclusive courses.
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Our Geeky Training Courses provide attendees with the knowledge and skills required to maximise their success.
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