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moviESCAPE Escape Rooms, Stockport,


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The digital media revolution of the past decade has dramatically increased the opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to gain the attention and engagement of target audiences through the effective planning, production, distribution and promotion of video and audio content. 

Podcasting is HERE and it is no longer just a nice to have. 

It is a MUST HAVE!


  • Discover the reasons why video and audio content are becoming so much more important for businesses to master in the digital age
  • Explore the opportunities now available to take marketing and promotional activity to another level 
  • Understand how to plan, produce, distribute and promote video and audio podcasts as a means of achieving greater attention and engagement 
  • Appreciate the range of different formats available to choose from
  • Discover the opportunities now available from live-streaming  
  • Understand the technology options available and how to integrate them into workflow, such as microphones, cameras, laptops, software etc   
  • Learn the psychological barriers we experience when producing video and audio content and how to overcome them
  • Practice producing an actual video or audio podcast episode for the business.
  • Start a Content Plan 
  • Learn how to set up and conduct guest interviews


Learn from industry specialists

Phil Crowshaw

After a successful career in senior management in the corporate sector Phil Crowshaw is a Consultant, Trainer, Mentor and Coach with twenty years of experience working with individuals and businesses at the leading edge of the Digital Media Revolution.

He was founder of the world’s first online Business TV channel in 2003 and a few years later the first multimedia digital magazine linked to Twitter, Tweeting Times. More recently he founded The Passions Project, a YouTube channel dedicated to the research of our Passions and how to monetise them.

Through his company, Geeky Group, Phil is an active producer of video and audio content including Vlogs, Video and Audio Podcasts and live-streaming shows under his own brands and on behalf of clients across a range of sectors.

He recently completed his 650th video interview.


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